Solar factory: Create jobs

Solar factory: Create jobs


A company in Nigeria wants to start supplying the local clinic with heat and electricity, since the conventional grid is expensive and prone to breakdowns. They send four workers on Focused Sun's training.

After two weeks, the four workers return together with a container. After a week, the container has transformed into the first microgrid on place, a low-cost demo version that even so does already start to produce heat and electricity – both heavily needed by the clinic.

Since the company can produce on-site, they can offer both a reliable energy source and a lower price than the conventional power grid.

With the Microgrid, it is easy for local entrepreneurs to start their own energy providing companies. You do not need high-tech tools to set up a Microgrid, but a team of easily trained technicians and cheap basic parts.

Get going with low-level investment: Low-cost parts.

The Microgrid's collectors use sandwich fabrication, the lowest cost structure for the wind loads a solar collector faces. Heat storage uses concrete: Again, the lowest cost storage material, available worldwide and familiar to local workers. The genset is based on low-cost automotive parts and is highly efficient.

Train your technicians in only two weeks: Easy set-up

Setting up a Microgrid is straightforward and simple. Therefore, you do not ned highly educated and expensive engineers to start production. We offer yo all you need.

For initial training, factory workers travel to Focused-Sun’s corporate training facility in New Mexico for a 2-week training program. They build the plant’s collectors and other parts into a working system. Then they disassemble their system and pack it into the container for shipment back to their home facility. On arrival in country, the workers re-assemble the plant as they were taught in the U.S.

Easy assembly, all-in-one

Assembly is easy. The plant ships with all the required parts inside the container. Once on site, the same container used for shipping becomes the weather cover for the plant’s engine/generator (genset) and thermal heat storage. The collectors are assembled and mounted on the roof. Heat is stored in a cylinder of concrete poured into a metal form on-site. Heat transfer tubes embedded in the concrete heat the concrete and use that heat to generate electricity. After curing it is surrounded by insulation to create an efficient heat storage.

No binding to Focused Sun

While we provide expertise, training and the initial parts, we want to give you the full freedom an entrepreneur deserves. Your company will not be tied to Focused Sun. Instead, you will be licensed to make other plants for sale locally so long as they maintain the Focused Sun brand.

Inexpensive »Starter kit« to get going

Your factory will need a demo unit as a sales tool. As we have learned, your reseller clients will need to feel the high-degree heat and see the solar collectors at work. Also, the demo plant needs to be produced at low cost. Luckily, this is a challenge simple to solve: The cost of a plant is proportional to the size of its genset. Therefore, our demo units have a small genset. After searching suppliers from around the world, we found an inexpensive genset that is small (3.5 kW) and efficient (18%), just the right size for you to convince customers and get going at almost no financial risk.