Focused Sun Approach

Focused Sun Approach

Focused Sun approach is to make solar energy inexpensive. Our competition is not other solar energy panels, but rather the cost of energy itself. We wanted to do solar the best way possible so that solar could compete with energy from other sources: fossil fuels, hydro, nuclear and other renewables.

Microgrid Economics

Microgrid Economics

My earlier blog (Apr. 14, 2015) showed a preliminary design for a Microgrid module system with concrete cylinder storage. What capital costs ($/W) could be expected for a complete system (collectors, storage and ORC engine) if it were produced in China? What will be the cost of energy over the plant's lifetime?

100 kW Microgrid

100 kW Electric Microgrid

Some of you have asked about our Microgrid module and how it could be used to power a microgrid. Here’s the details. I envision the smallest microgrid plant to produce 100kW of electrical power. Larger plants would use multiples of 100 kW, for example a one MW plant would be made of ten 100 kW plants. This is on the small size for current turbogenerators because efficiency drops quickly if they are even smaller. A 100 kW plant can power 20 US homes at 5 kW per home.

China Trip

Blog 2015 Mar 29

I’m Shawn Buckley, President of Focused Sun. This is the first of a series of blogs to begin a dialog with those that want to learn more about our solar technology. Anyone can read the blog, but if you wish to respond to it, you must be registered. Registering has another value: it let’s us know who you are and what are your needs.


Focused Sun recently received approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on its primary patent application, 12/661,321. The full patent can be seen at The application has also been filed in many foreign countries in addition to the US. These foreign applications are winding their way through the patent offices of the various countries.