Publicist Partner (USA)

A Publicist Partner gets publicity for our company by getting news in your local media. The news can be any media: newspaper, magazine, radio or TV. Publicist Partners are part of our program to put solar factories into small towns. You can get referral fees for getting people to donate or for recruiting other Publicist Partners.

After the end of January, we’ll see how well you've done in your hometown. The top 10 Publicist Partners will be in the running for a factory in your hometown. If you've done well in publicizing our modules and factory or in getting contributions, we’ll help the winners find funding to build a solar factory in your hometown. Since each state has different laws, after January we will need to have a contract that will satisfy local jurisdictions. Our long term goal is for you to build a sustainable business in your hometown. As a Publicity Partner we want you personally to be the interface between us and your hometown. Others can help but we want you involved and in charge.

Job Location: 
Your Hometown
Job Duties: 
  1. College Student: We need to have people that can communicate with us about business in their hometown.
  2. Live there: To be our Publicist Partner, you must have been raised in your hometown. We want local people who know how their hometown works and who to talk to. Note that this is NOT an exclusive territory. Others may want to be our Publicist Partner in your hometown too, especially if its a big town. We want you to be personally involved in marketing our products in the future; you will have to set up an organization that can help your hometown factory succeed.
  3. Publication: For our solar products to be a success, we must establish local factories. Getting news (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV) about our factory and solar module in your hometown is the first step in having a local factory. The first news item is getting our press release into your local media. It is also part of establishing you as working with us. The press release will include your name and how people can contact you. Other news items will be available later.
For more information or to apply: 

We’ll give you a referral fee on any contributions that can be attributed to you or to other Publicity Partners you have recruited. Each Publicity Partner must prove that they had at least one news article published to get the fee. The term “attributed to you” means that when a donor uses your code or your recruit's code when he donates, you get credit for it. If we still can’t determine whose was responsible for the contribution, we’ll split the fee between the Publicist Partners who are closest to the donor. Register on our website and we'll send you details, the press release and your referral code.