60% efficiency. Heat & Electricity

60% efficiency. Heat & Electricity


A desalination project needs 160 kW of heat. By combining ten plants, it both gets the required heat and 35 kW of electricity on top. You can even get redundancy to the entire project by duplicating the 20kW plants.

This lets workers focus on a standard design rather than time and effort-consuming customizing based on the volume of power consumption. No need for highly trained, expensive engineers.

The usual flat plate photovoltaic cells only produce electricity, and much of the sun's energy is lost. The Focused Sun Microgrid, on the other hand, also harvests heat. Altogether, our system is capable of capturing 3 times as much solar energy as photovoltaic plants. This means 60% compared to 20% for a photovoltaic solution. You get a lot more energy out of it than out of conventional solutions.

By using a “high temperature” absorber together with our concentrating mirrors, heat is delivered at temperatures high enough to generate electricity. Hybrid solar modules convert energy to electricity. The absorber heats the coolant, converting an additional part of the sunlight to heat.