Start a Solar Factory

Start a Solar Factory

New businesses are those that are started specifically as a solar factory. This is the hardest because components are not already in place. The founders may not have experience starting or running a business. They may not have dealt with the public in business situations. They must lease a facility, production equipment plus buy or lease an installation van. Last, without “hand skills”, it may take them longer to learn how to make and install these modules.

New businesses have a broader set of backgrounds. Your training will go quicker if you start with skills like being good with your hands, fixing things, Do-It-Yourselfer. If you don’t have these skills, it will take you longer to learn them. We recommend that if a team has no trades or contracting experience, they add a team member that knows the ropes to help them get started.

The types of people who could start a new factory can come from many backgrounds and circumstances.

New graduates often leave school without having a job lined up when they graduate. Leaving the military, a soldier might have plenty of experience in conflict zones but has difficulty getting a civilian job. Native Americans that are on a reservation that doesn’t happen to have an Interstate pass through it have high unemployment. All of these groups could start a solar factory.

Or how about women? We have trained several women to make modules and install them; they have no more difficulty than their male counterparts. Others are spurred by the challenge of a startup. Business grads wonder if they could really start a successful business. Vocational school or community college grads that have only found fast-food work are after a better job. These people could start a solar factory.

Maybe Uncle John and his two sons want to go in with you on a new business? Retirees that have gotten bored with retirement and still want to contribute is another group. An immigrant who comes to El Norte to seek his fame and fortune can work for good pay and a piece of the action. Start a solar factory.

Ever want to be out under the foot of that tyrant boss? Control your own destiny. Home towns in America are becoming an endangered species. Young people leave for the cities and the towns decline. Help out your town and start a solar factory. Or if you’re an environmentalist and see climate change as the challenge of your generation, start a solar factory.

Suppose you just want to get rich in a new and green business. Start a solar factory.