Existing businesses

Existing businesses

If you already have a business in the building trades or you are a craftsman, you are already halfway home. You know how to run a business, you already have some of the equipment you’ll need, you know building codes -- and you know how to deal with customers. This is important experience in making and installing solar modules.

Existing businesses are those with experience in the building trades. Tradesmen have experience in working with buildings and have or have been in an ongoing business selling their skills. A list of the kinds of building trade businesses in which you might have experience is shown below. Other businesses may also be appropriate.

Existing businesses already have many of the components needed to start a solar factory: facility, installation van, equipment and access to workers. For example, a plumbing contractor might want to install solar modules to augment his plumbing business. He already has a facility, van plus the people that could do the fabrication and installation. His startup cost is much less than a factory starting from scratch.

Most important, a contractor knows buildings. He knows how things get done so no problems arise. He knows that he doesn’t want call-backs when it doesn’t work right. He knows regulations and permitting and how he must interact with the local government.

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