Energy independent

Energy independent


There are over 14,000 clinics in remote rural areas in Nigeria alone. With the Microgrid, they wouldn't need to rely on lager energy providers but could produce all energy they need themselves:

The heat is required for laundries, sterilization, water distillation or water desalination. The electricity can power lights, refrigerate vaccine, cool the clinic, plus power medical instruments, cell phones and computers.

The local, easily controllable infrastructure would replace the vulnerable large-scale providers.

It is time for you to reclaim control over your own energy supply. Take it from the big companies in your own hands.

The Microgrid consists of easy to maintain, easily available parts. You can put it up in remote areas and set up your own, independent power grid with it. A back-up boiler or diesel generator provides a solution for periods of low sunlight that exceed the systems storage capacity.

With proper synchronizing controls, you can even connect it to an existing power grid. By this, you can even profit from energy production exceeding your own needs. Don't pay for for electricity – earn money for it instead!